Monday, June 22, 2009

“Let’s hear it for the boys” Photo Challenge


I’ve been lurking over at the I Faces blog, drooling over the wonderful photo eye candy. Every week they have a photography contest open to everyone, and this week I decided to take the plunge.

Here goes my very first photography contest entry…

Kids Category:

Connor at Christmas 2000-1

I laugh every time I see this photo of my nephew Connor, concentrating so intensely as he opened up a Christmas present. Don’t you just love the dimple?

Adults Category:


This is a very small portion of a photo that I took at my son’s wedding last month. The overall photo was of our family’s table at the reception, everyone laughing and having a good time. But when I looked closer, I noticed that my brother-in-law was not feeling well and wanted to be anywhere but where he was, and that vignette had a gritty, 1940s newspaper quality that I couldn’t resist sharing.

If you love photography like I do, you should pop over to I Faces and check out the other contest entries.

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  1. See, I told you you'd enjoy participating at i♥faces!!

    Great entries - and you are so right about your adult entry - I would have guessed that was taken decades ago!! good job!!



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