Sunday, June 7, 2009

Life Is Good

The last month has been so very busy…

Our Baby Girl graduated from college:

Megan's college gradulation

Our son married his high school sweetheart:

Matt and Jenna's first dance

We finally completed the move out of the shop:

Empty shop

Life is starting to settle down a little now. Hubby’s gone back to work and I’m starting to get used to working at home. I’ve had to make myself a schedule each day so that I can be sure to divide my time between working on adding new inventory to my online store, sending excess inventory off to auction, organizing and weeding out our personal belongings to prepare for moving out west, and trying to be a good housewife.

Three bedrooms in our home are filled with inventory: on bookshelves, on folding tables, in boxes, on the floor.

At home inventory

More at home inventory

Slowly but surely it’s being added to our website. And older inventory is being discounted for quick sale, so be sure to take a peek. You’ll be seeing more of both vintage items and new primitive home decor…a little more each day.

I’ll be featuring on my blog some of the new goodies, so get ready for some pretties!


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  1. Life IS good! Glad to see you back and that you have survived THE move. Hope your back isn't aching anymore :-)

    Ali in Ireland

  2. Hi Pam! A lot of nice changes in your family, huh? Congrats on the graduate and the wedding! You have a lot of wonderful dishes there, Ma'am! I'm afraid that if it were me, they'd stay at my house! Gorgeous!! Have a great week...Debbie

  3. HI Pam - glad to hear about all of the good things going on in your life!! Graduation and weddings are fun - congrats to your kids!!

  4. Wow Pam... Life is really good! You are super blessed!
    I hope everything goes smoothly and you can sell most of that inventory before you have to move!!!

  5. Pam, so glad things are starting to slow down for you. You are getting there it just takes time. I think the first thing you need to do is take a little time for Pam.

  6. So glad to see you back but you sure have been busy!
    Congrats to you on both of your nice for you and your husband.
    I'll be checking out your on line store:)

  7. Wow! You have been busy and have so much to be proud of! Congrats to both your son and daughter!

    So...have you decided yet which state it'll be out here?!?! Got my fingers crossed for you know which! LOL! ~~Annie


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