Monday, August 3, 2009

Update on the Moving Situation

For about a year now Hubby and I have been thinking and planning on moving out west. We currently live in North Carolina; I’m a native, he’s a transplant from Canada. We’re both ready for a change, both visually and culturally, and decided that the Pacific Northwest would be a big enough change for us. We had…and still have…big plans for moving to Washington state, buying some land, and changing our lifestyle drastically.

Hubby will be transferring within his company, so all our dreams hinge on a job being open for him where we want to go. Last year we were waiting for a particular job in a particular city to open up for him, and were told that it should open up in 2009.

So we planned, and waited. Knowing that when the job did open up that we would have a very short time to pack up and go, I closed my antique shop so that we could downsize and prepare to move. And then we waited some more.

Now we learn that the job Hubby wants is vacant, but not open. Big difference, I hear. Apparently the current state of the economy has forced a lot of companies, even healthy companies like his, to slow down growth and tighten the budget belt.

The last year has been an emotional roller coaster…first the move is several months off, then it’s “any time now”, then it’s questionable. It’s tough when your future depends on someone else, but right now we’re just thankful that Hubby has a job.

Although we’d love to get the call today that the job is open, the honest truth is that we’re not physically ready to go. I still have tons of inventory to push out the door, although now we’ve decided that whatever I still have when moving time arrives will be packed up and taken with us.

I still have a lot of our personal belongings to go through and winnow down, but I’ve gotten enough done already that it’s more manageable now. In comparison to the business inventory, packing up our personal belongings when the time comes will be a breeze.

And that’s where we stand on the move situation…a little closer to being ready, but less chance of it happening any time soon. Dang it!

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  1. It will happen when you least expect it:) I'm sure when it does you will find the perfect place.

  2. Hi Pam, I've often wondered where you guys were at with your moving plans. Things happen for a reason. Maybe when you are physically ready, voila, you'll get to move! Understanding the waiting game, I'm sure it's been a rollercoaster ride!1 Take care. Oh, I cleaned up a tornado mess or watered your plants in FT.

  3. Hi Pam,
    We here in the Pacific Northwest are ready for you anytime you get the call! :)

    Tim and I are in the same boat-The company keeps acting like they are going to move us (staying in the PNW boundary) but then change their minds due to budget cuts. So Tim is traveling EVERY week Mon-Fri and staying in hotels. For the last year or two I have only seen him on the weekends. :(
    We are considering moving ourselves soon. (More southern Washington-closer to Oregon)
    I'm always trying to prepare too, it's hard with so much unknown going on.
    Thinking about you!

  4. Hi Pam,

    Having an uncertain future is very hard. But having a job right now, is a huge blessing because as you said, even healthy companies aren't being careful. I will cross my fingers and toes that when you are ready, the company opens the position and you can make your dream move!!

    hugs, Linda

  5. Oh...I'm just as anxious as you are to hear! Sure hope it's close to me! But I know how the waiting can be. My hubby has been with his company for 23 years. We've transferred from NC to AL to UT to WA. Fortunately the company packed and moved us each time. But it's still a LOT of work and a LOT of stress. I wish y'all all the luck and hope to see you out here soon! ~~Annie

  6. I hope everything works out to your heart's desire!! Moving is hard work!

  7. Keep everything in perspective - it will all work out - for the good - 'cause you deserve it! Thinking of ya, Cathy

  8. hi, love your blog, if you have time stop by mine & check it out :) gio

  9. Pam dear,
    Sorry to hear things aren't progressing as you wish. :(
    I hope they are looking up in the time since this post!! Good luck my dear! Looking forward to hearing that you were able to make this much needed change of scenery! :D
    Sending you our very best dear Pam!!
    Love Debi xo

  10. I hear crickets chirping here! Listen..............LOL or is that corn growing? spending too much time on your virtual farm Pam? LOL


  11. Hi! Just found your blog & website. Hope that 2010 brings you the change you and your family are looking for. I can't wait to read more on your blog and explore your store!!!

    Happy New Year!


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