Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm sick.

So sick.

Bleary-eyed, sore throat, cranky, snotty, sick. *cough, cough*

My best friends right now are:

Today is Day Three of the misery and I'm still on the downturn. You know how it goes:

Day 1: Sneezing, blowing, and sore throat.

Day 2: All of the above, plus itchy ears, hacking, etc.

Day 3: All of the above, plus coughing. And green, lots of green. Yuck.

When you feel this bad, all you want to do is stay in bed but you get up because you feel you should. Then when you're up, all you want to do is go back to bed.

The dishes are piling up. The laundry that I started--but didn't finish--two days ago still sits in a jumble on top of the dryer. Nothing is getting done.

I'm one of those people who rarely get sick, but when I do I'm useless. Where's my mom when I need her? I want homemade chicken soup, a warm cushy place to be miserable in, and sympathy...lots of sympathy.

But when you're the Mom, you make do. Open up a can or jar of soup from the grocery store, hide out in a corner where Hubby might not find me, lose myself in a book for a while, and pray that the DayQuil does its job.

Tomorrow will be better, right? Right????


  1. Oh you poor thing! It's really going around over here too! I hope you get better real soon Pam.

  2. Hi Pam! So glad to see you back blogging! I scrolled through your posts - your new home is lovely and I imagine the mountains are fantastic! Hope you feel better soon!!

  3. well I hope the soup to make you poop helped..(sorry a saying from my childhood) do hope everything you are taking is helping and that you get a good nights rest...:)

  4. Oh Pam, I am so sorry to hear you are sick, tell Myron to gove you lots of love with Hot soup and tea. Hugs GF


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