Friday, October 28, 2011

Feline Friday

Since we've moved to the wilds, we have turned our "outside" kitties into "inside" kitties...mostly because here on the mountain there are lots of predators that think kitties make a really nice dinner. We have coyotes for sure, we've heard them at night, but the neighbors have told us about sightings of cougars and bobcats.

Now that the kitties can't go outside to hunt, a fly in the house becomes a huge event. And like with Simon, it can get pretty wild when the hunt is on.

Back in the spring when we first moved into our new house, we had a problem with flies. Great big nasty buzzing flies getting into the house somehow, and driving us crazy until we killed them all.

This fall we've had another plague of the flies and the cats are making the most of it. Once again we kill as many as we can, but the cats love it when we miss one.

Which explains why we don't have curtains...



  1. I LOVE Simon's cat! So very much like MY cat!

  2. oh that simon is one funny cat..reminds me of two littlest ones..they seem to think anything is up for grabs..thanks for sharing.have a great weekend.:)

  3. That was so darn cute, shared your link on FB :)


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