Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Old and the New

Thanks so much for the sweet welcome back to the Blogosphere! It feels good to be missed.

Before I start filling you in on all the ups and downs of our crazy cross-country move, I thought you might like to have a mental picture of the old and new homes I'll be referring to. They are very different and reflect how much our lives have changed since moving out west.

This is our old house in North Carolina:

And this is our new home in Idaho:

Big change, huh? We went from a Southern traditional brick home in a suburban neighborhood to a lodge-style home on a rural mountainside. And we couldn't be happier!

I think that front of the new house needs some greenery and flower beds, but that kind of thing will have to wait until spring. I'm thinking about trying to construct some stacked stone beds using stone from our property. What do you think?

We no longer have a green grassy front yard like before; now we have a gravel-covered open area surrounded by fir, birch and tamarack trees that serves as our parking and turnaround area. This is our driveway:

And here, my friends, is one of the main reasons why we moved: the view. Our new back deck overlooks Lake Pend Oreille and gives us a different breath-taking view every day. Believe me, you're going to get sick of my pics of this view.

This is what we saw nearly every day this skies, white puffy clouds, deep green forest, crystal blue water, and gentle rolling mountains on the opposite side of the lake.

As for yesterday's view...well, let's just say it's a different story in the autumn. All the rain that we missed during this dry summer fell night before last and yesterday, I think. But it was still beautiful, especially Monday night after dark when a storm rolled in and lightning flashed low over the horizon. It reflected off the lake and sent a quick shimmering glow over our whole vista. Magical!

More later,


  1. oh I would love that view..what part of idaho are you in again..I love your old home and your new home and you should do the rock walls..then you can add your punches of color with flowers.;)

  2. I love both houses PJ but that view at the new one, WOW!!! I'm so happy for you ")


  3. Pam, first i want to say thank you for visiting my blog. I fear I've been gone to long, but I can build it back up. Yes Wesley will be grown soon, how well do I know that Josh will graduate this year. Where does the time go??

    Lovin the new home. Wow whatta view y'all have. I can only imagine.... enjoy your new surroundings they are just Beautiful!!!!


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