Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rainy Day Musings

Today we're having the first truly rainy day since we moved here to northern Idaho in late spring. I was beginning to think that there was no such thing as a "gully-washer" here since all we've seen has been brief misty rain showers, but today has proven me wrong.

Here's the view from the deck today: 
No blue sky, no puffy clouds, no blue lake, no mountains...just the trees at the edge of our property and then...gray. It's like we're suspended in the clouds, all alone, isolated, and quiet except for the rain pattering on the roof. 

At least we're seeing some fall color; the birch trees have turned a bright yellow. Once the weather clears and we are both over these horrible colds, Hubby and I need to take a drive and do some sightseeing.

In the meantime, today I'm playing with my website. It's been "on hold" since we started moving, partly because all my inventory is boxed up and partly because I was trying to decide what I wanted to do business-wise once we moved here.

There are several options:
  1. Open another brick-and-mortar shop.
  2. Sell the inventory at shows.
  3. Sell the inventory through the website.
  4. Dispose of the inventory at auction and retire.
 And here are my thoughts so far:
  1. Too expensive, too difficult to get there each day in the winter due to weather. And I'm getting too lazy. ;o)
  2. We'd need a trailer to haul inventory and displays, and we have neither a trailer nor displays. And I'm getting too lazy.
  3. Easy option, lower expense, only need to get out a couple of times a week to mail packages.
  4. The simplest, easiest option, but not so much fun.
So it looks like I'll be reopening my website and be semi-retired. Now I'm elbow-deep in HTML code and trying to remember how to manage my website, while preparing to change out the website's "look" and essentially start over.

My game plan is to pull out of our storage room a box of inventory at a time and start from scratch with photographs, descriptions, etc. Product offerings will be within three categories: vintage housewares (china, glassware, kitchenware, etc.), new prim home decor, and gift items.

I have lots of inventory in all three give you an idea, imagine a 28-foot U-Haul truck packed to the ceiling with boxes of inventory, then another half of a 26-foot truck to finish it up. That's what we hauled out here earlier this year. Are we crazy, or what?

Now, it's back to working on the website.
Edited to add:

Soon the sun peeked through, and how glorious it was! See why I love it here?

More later,

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  1. oh what kinds of items do you have? I love some of what you described..can't wait to see what you are selling..put it on etsy? hope you have a beautiful sunday>)


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