Monday, October 24, 2011

Reopening My Online Store

Folks have asked when I'm reopening my online store now that we've moved to Idaho. It has been closed since April when we started the whole packing and moving process. It didn't make sense to keep it open when I couldn't access or find any items that might sell during this time, so the only thing to do was to temporarily close it.

So, the short answer is: I'm reopening the online store very soon. As soon as I find my pegs. And now the long story starts...

Now that we're moved in and almost organized, reopening the store is the next big thing on my to-do list. One big stumbling block has been: where do I put the inventory I'm listing once I've unpacked and photographed it? I don't want to repack it so I have a bunch of bookcases that I brought with me to shelve the online inventory.

Here's a pic of some of the bookcases. Notice anything missing in the bookcases on the left?

Yep...shelves. You see, I have the shelves but I'm missing the stupid little pegs that hold the shelves in the bookcases.

I thought I was SO smart when we were packing; thinking ahead and being organized. I took the shelves out and placed them on the bottom of each bookcase, put a number on the bookcase, took out the pegs and placed them in a plastic baggie with the same number on it. Then I put all the baggies into one large baggie.

Small problem...I can't find the baggie with the pegs! I've torn the place apart trying to find them, but when you move with literally hundreds of boxes, it's a futile effort.

I can buy new pegs for some of the shelves, but others use a really small peg that's not standard, so I guess those will have to wait until the pegs decide to turn up. And they will...probably right after I buy new ones! LOL

Don't worry, when the store is finally ready to open, you'll be the first to know.



  1. I hate moving! I am so not looking forward to doing it in June. If you look at Home Depot, they have short plastic dowell rods. They work great and are really cheap too. I think one of my book shelves still has them in as a matter of fact! I can't wait to see your online store! A new place to shop! Yeah!

  2. Is the kitty and Guitar on your list of things to sell???? Oh dont worry you will find those pegs on your next move, LOL


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