Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Visit To Look Forward To

Baby Girl called a few days ago to tell me that she's hoping to come out to Idaho to visit in about a month or so. Can you say...excited?!?

My youngest is living in New York City and I haven't seen her since last Christmas. This has to be the longest we've been apart since she was born, and I'm having a little separation anxiety.
 Isn't she adorable?

With airfares as high as they are, it didn't seem likely that our family would be getting together at the holidays like we always have. Neither of my children had budgeted for flying to both Idaho and North Carolina for the holidays this year, and Hubby and I had decided to hold off for this year since we've only been here a few months. So it looked like it would be a little while before I'd be seeing either of my young 'uns. But not any more...

My baby said that her roomie might like to come with her, which is fantastic. Her roommate is a great girl; I really like her. And we definitely have the room, so it's not a problem. The more the merrier!

So...what's a mom to do? We don't have a set date yet, but I'm already planning on what to feed them, and where to take them.

We're in the Sandpoint, Idaho area, so Schweitzer Mountain is only a half-hour away and is a "must" for our to-do list. They can go skiing or snow boarding, and I'm looking forward to checking out all of Schweitzer's cute shops. The ski season usually opens Thanksgiving weekend (weather permitting), and I imagine the girls will be visiting sometime after that, so we'll definitely have to head over there.

If they end up visiting during the first part of December, the annual Christmas Fair will be held at the Bonner County Fairgrounds on December 3rd, with vendors, local craftspeople, and of booths. I'll bet the girls could find some unique Christmas gifts.

If they want to try their luck at the casino, we'll head down to the Coeur d'Alene Resort and Casino for a great afternoon.
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Downtown Sandpoint is always fun. There are lots of unique shops and fun restaurants to explore. One of my favorite shops is The Blue Lizard; they carry gorgeous sterling silver Native American jewelry and art.

I also love to stop in at Hallan's Gallery in Sandpoint; their collection of American Northwest photographs by photographer Ross Hall is awesome. Baby Girl is a photography nut like me, so she should enjoy visiting the gallery.
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In between side trips, I plan on stuffing the girls with some good old home cooking. Both of them are Southern girls living in New York and I'm betting they're missing meals like mama used to make.

Like I said, I'm excited about my daughter coming out west to see where we've moved. Now I'll have to work on getting my son (who's living in North Carolina) out here, and to bring that pretty girl he's been dating for a while now. A visit is long overdue. You hear me, boy?

Edited to add:

Baby Girl now informs me I'm having a "senior moment" and she's coming late January, early February. Either way, I still get my fix.



  1. great to hear that your daughter is coming to visit..and sounds like you have lots of great things planned too..happy cooking and have a wonderful visit.;)

  2. Sounds like a fun time is in the works, by January or February, you will have a months worth of fun things to do and "eat".


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