Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Weekend Drive

Saturday we hopped in the car and after leaving Sandpoint started driving eastward towards Montana on Highway 200 to take in the fall foliage. The first part of the drive takes you along the northern shore of Lake Pend Oreille, which is a gorgeous drive any time of the year.

The mountains' deep green forests were studded with golds and burnt oranges, and when the sun hit them just right they absolutely glowed.

Poor Hubby was forced to pull over and find places to park every few minutes so I could take pictures. He was a pretty good sport about it, though.

Occasionally I gave him a break and just took shots through the window as we whizzed by, so you'll have to forgive the occasional blur. From time to time the sun would duck behind the clouds, and the mountains across the lake would be cast in shadow.

Before long we were getting glimpses of snow-capped peaks, which surprised us because the ones we see from home are still bare.

Nearing Clarks Fork, Idaho, the edge of the lake ends and the road winds on as the trees hug the highway. We kept on going past the state line into Montana.


We've taken the route down Highway 200 deep into Montana and then southward to I-90, picking up Highway 95 north in Coeur d'Alene to bring us back to Sandpoint. It's a long drive but a pretty one.

This time we decided to try something new and shortly before reaching Thompson Falls, Montana we turned north on Highway 56, then intending to turn westward on Highway 2 to Bonners Ferry, Idaho. And thank goodness we did!

The views were so gorgeous! All I could think of was coming back during the winter and taking even more pictures.

And then we hit the jackpot. When we saw the view at this overlook, Hubby slammed on the brakes and backed up so that I could jump out and take some pictures.

This was the view that took my breath away. It's like a postcard, isn't it?

And to think I can get a view like this of the Cabinet Mountains and only drive less than two hours from home? Priceless.

On another note, the big diet starts today.

Pounds Lost



  1. Wow....Wow....and more WOW! I've never been to Idaho or Montana...and I guess I didn't realize how stunningly beautiful they are. The only word that keeps running through my head is majestic. Incredible views - and captures....Thanks so much for sharing with us Pam....Good luck with that "d" thing....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Oh that is a gorgeous view! You are so lucky to have that just a short trip away. Good luck on the diet. I should join you on that one!


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