Monday, November 14, 2011

Instant Snowstorm

One of the really cool things about living on a lake is the speed at which a storm can approach. This morning I was getting dressed so that we could go into town to run errands, when Hubby yelled at me to come quickly.

I took a second to grab my glasses (hey, I'm blind as a bat without them) and ran into the living room in my undies. Hubby was standing in front of the windows staring at the lake, and turned to me and exclaimed, "You've gotta see this!" He pointed out the window, and as soon as I saw what he was pointing at, I ran and grabbed my camera. This was too good to miss.

Sorry but there was no time to set up a tripod and do this the right way, so the pics are choppy. You can see reflections in the pics because I was taking them from inside, through the windows. When I saw what was coming, there was NO way I was going outside to shoot these, especially in my undies.

The first seven shots took place within 60 seconds, literally. The last shot was taken twenty-three minutes later as we were leaving for town. When the first shot was taken, the sun was shining and the ground was mostly bare. When the last shot was taken, well, you can see for yourself:

(Click here if the slideshow does not load properly)

It was really eerie watching this storm roll in because it reminded me so much of Stephen King's novella, "The Mist". The hair was standing up on my arms because I'd never seen anything like what I was witnessing. That cloud bank pushing in from the left was the front of a snowstorm moving amazingly fast. The lake was completely obscured within 90 seconds, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped three degrees, sleet began, then changed to heavy snow...all in a matter of five minutes.

I took this photo just as we were leaving the house. Half an hour before this was taken, the trees and ground were bare, and the sun was shining.

Mother Nature is incredibly fickle, because by the time we got to the bottom of the mountain, the sun was shining and there was very little snow to be seen. I took this picture from the Long Bridge on our way to Sandpoint looking back towards our mountain, fifteen minutes after taking the above picture.

Amazing. I love this place!



  1. I LOOOVE that! Great pics Pam... Wished I lived there, I love extreme weather~

  2. Freak snowstorms that descend upon you like something in a horror show is a "cool" thing in your mind?! Yikes, woman....have you considered professional help? ;o) Seriously - it was awesome to see - and as long as it doesn't happen here or to me, you can pretend it's cool. Smiles & Snowy Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Those are some cool pictures! Your going to have an exciting winter!

  4. Wow PJ...the pics are awesome as well as the snowstorm! Enjoy ")

  5. So glad it is fitting you so well since you are a Southern gal


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