Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sharing A Little Blog Love

When you're a blogger, you spend a lot of time thinking about what to write about. Sometimes you have to do a little research, and then you take some photos, edit those photos, and agonize before you actually press that "Publish" button. I know I do, even though there are probably only about five or six people who actually read my blog.

If you're like me, you do this day in and day out, with no expectations of being offered a book deal, gaining major sponsors, or receiving a phone call from Hollywood. The best you can hope for is a little affirmation in the way of a comment left on your latest blog post. A comment is a heart-felt "atta-girl" that can make a blogger's day (or break it if the reader didn't follow Mama's advice about what to do when you don't have something nice to say).

Those few short words that make up a "comment" mean a lot to me, and I'd like to recognize and say a big "thank you" to my two most frequent commenters: Robin at The Cranky Crow and Gina at Cat Nap Inn Primitives.

These two ladies are quickly becoming a part of my daily routine, and I'm truly enjoying getting to know the both of them. Robin just got a new job so she won't be blogging as frequently, but I don't think she'll be able to keep away from the Blogosphere. After all, she's hinted about doing a giveaway soon, so I think she'll be around. *wink*

If you have a minute, pop on over and give a little bloggie love to my friends, Gina and Robin. If you haven't already visited their blogs, you're in for a treat. They're both wonderful human beings and fun folks to get to know.



  1. Well aren't you just the sweetest thing Miss Pam!!! Now I'm blushing all over! (Good thing you can't see through the feathers!!!) I choose to follow blogs I ENJOY and feel like once I choose to follow, I've committed to communication on some level....Or, maybe I just can't keep my beak closed! ;o) Thank you sweetie - you're a dear heart....And, yup - this addiction is harder to break than I thought...I'll be around! Smiles & Big Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Count me among your "five or six"! HA I think there are lots more out there reading--your blog is wonderful!

  3. oh Pam, why yes I did miss your post yesterday!!!! you are a sweetheart!!! you have certainly put a smile on my face!!! it is so nice to get blog comments, cause then you know folks are actually reading what you have to say and makes you want to do more..and I will tell you I love blogland..I have truly met the nicest bunch of guys and gals and the friendships..I feel like I have known you all for years and even hung out with you..(at least it seems that way)..we are a unique bunch..and it is so much fun.:) thank you again for bringing a smile to my face..I am just about to post an entry for today.;) been sewing and wanting to share with everyone.;)

  4. We really make special friendships through our blogs! I see that you added me to your blog list! I'll put you in my favorites, too so that I can visit more often! ♥


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