Saturday, December 10, 2011

Establishing a Fabric Stash

Last night Hubby and I went to a household goods auction. Normally we like to go to antiques auctions, but we went to this one because their online preview photos showed box after box of fabrics and other sewing goods. What better way for a wanna-be quilter to establish a fabric stash!

Lucky for us the auctioneer ran the table with the fabrics first, so we didn't have to stay all night. I decided to pass on a serger; it went for $70 and to be honest, I have no idea what I would even do with a serger. But I did luck out and brought home several boxes of fabric and lots of quilting books.

When we got home I found a few interesting pieces of fabric to show my totally disinterested hubby, who kept telling me he didn't care and that this was "my" thing. But even he couldn't resist pulling out a few and commenting on how good they would look together. Ha!

Here are the books that I ended up with. They aren't the newest but still have lots of pretty patterns and ideas:

This morning I sat down and sorted through the fabrics, trying to divide them up by color family. Of course a lot of them are ones that don't really appeal to me and that I wouldn't have bought for myself: those will be good to for me to practice on. But others are classic quilting prints and some are gorgeous higher-end fabrics with metallic thread highlights. So pretty!

I ended up with a box with a foot-high stack of predominantly green, brown, and red fabrics:

Another box with stacks of blue, pink, and black fabrics:

A box filled with yellow, gray, and teal fabrics:

Yet another box with orange, purple, and holiday prints:

And the last box with novelty prints and assorted non-quilting fabrics:

Number of boxes of quilting books: Two

Number of boxes of fabric: Five

The total bill: $57.75.

The look on my face at the end of the night: Priceless.

Now I just need to get to work and get started on something!



  1. WOW! You did GOOD! I love that piece of fabric with the ornaments on it! How gorgeous! Looks vintage! You'll sure have fun with all of the books...that's one of my favorite things! I am always gathering ideas...more than I can ever make! lol Hugs! ♥

  2. What a deal..and they look great!! It's too bad you couldn't find out where they came from and to whom they belonged to...I always find that so facinating!
    Happy quilting!

  3. You sure got alot of fabric!!! Knives, forks and spoons???? Who would buy that!!!! I thought too, that piece with the Chinese lanterns was a retro piece. Different!!! Well, want to see what you make with all that fabric!!!

  4. Wowsa! that is a lot of fabric and books, good price too. I hope you can put it to good use. I had to laugh, your hubby's response is one that I have heard over and over in the past, LOL!

  5. Wowsa! that is a lot of fabric and books, good price too. I hope you can put it to good use. I had to laugh, your hubby's response is one that I have heard over and over in the past, LOL!

  6. Meant to write something about your first quilting post. Like I told you a long time ago, quilting is easy, it's just a bunch of straight lines! You can do this!! And it looks like you are off to a great start .....

  7. Great stash you got at a wonderful price, those books are expensive and sometimes the older ones have wonderful patterns in them for quilts that are hard to find.


  8. Oh, I love finding great fabrics for my own stash. How lucky are you with these!

  9. You're on a roll girlfriend! Can't wait to see how you put this stuff together. I'm not a good fabric stasher - I find stuff I love, but then when I need a specific fabric for something, I still don't seem to have the perfect piece or the right color. Hmmmmm....maybe I need a bigger stash? Oh - wait - I have to actually quilt or something to justify that! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (I'm behinder than you are.....) ;o)


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