Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's All In A Name

As a blogger, you spend a lot of time writing your post, choosing the right photos, editing those photos, and placing everything on the page just right so that it looks pretty. don't do all that? Well, people with mild OCD like myself tend to obsess over all those little details because it will drive us crazy if we don't it brings us pleasure.

Anyway, one thing that a lot of us tend to gloss over is the titles that we give our blog posts. We will often slap a title on there willy-nilly just before pressing the "Publish" button, without giving much thought to it. And in doing so, we're missing a huge opportunity to promote our blogs to a whole new market.

Google and other search engines seem to place a higher priority on the title that we give our blog posts, rather than their actual content. So giving your blog post a relevant title with buzz words that are high in the search engines at the moment can help propel your post to the top of the search lists. And for me, this usually happens quite by accident.

My blog posts that get the most hits in Google are the ones that I would have never expected to be so popular. For instance, the post I did recently titled "My Belated Christmas Wish List" (where I listed all of the things that I should have requested for Christmas, but didn't) is getting a lot of visitors from all over the world at the moment.

And why? Because a lot of people happen to be Googling the phrase "belated Christmas wish" or "belated Christmas wishes". And here's what they find:

Yup, that's my blog post in the #2 spot! So when some poor sap from South Africa who's neglected to send his friends or family a Christmas card turns to Google to help him figure out what to say, he ends up with my personal wish list instead! LOL

So what have we learned?

There are a lot of procrastinators out there, my friends!


P.S. I changed the title of this post at least half a dozen times before landing on one that I thought might be both relevant and "popular". We'll see what Google thinks!


  1. Yes, I found this out after getting alot of hits with words like "craft" "giveaway" "chalkboard paint" and the biggest one "Pinterest" !!! Love your widget for sharing, probably gonna steal it-I know you are not surprised. :)

  2. Yes, you are right. Certain titles do get more hits. Thanks for explaining to us, Pam. I'll try to keep this post in mind when I'm posting.

  3. How interesting! I always wish I could come up with catchy titles...but maybe I'll just play it safe! lol Happy New year! ♥♥♥

  4. Maybe I should google "blog post titles"! I can't think of any catchy titles, either. And while we are on the subject of "I don't get it" (weren't we?), why does google not recognize it's own name in spellcheck. I'm sure it's because of my computer dictionary but then why isn't "google" in every computer dictionary already? Okay, I'm rambling.......

  5. Thanks for sharing this great advice! I will definitely pay more attention to this "little detail" the next time I post. ~Roberta

  6. Very interesting post Pam...I knew some of this but never applied it to my blog...thanks so much for the tips.
    Happy New Year

  7. That's a hoot Pam! Wow...guess I never thought about it - since I don't really care how many "hits" any of my posts get....but it is interesting - and sometimes I wonder how a new person who wanders in found me....guess this could explain a few things. ( wonder my post about wanting to be a hooker garnered a lot of attention!) Smiles & Happy Friday Hugs ~ Robin

  8. This is so true, our blog titles do matter in google search. That is so neat you are number two. I will have to pay more attention to this on my blog, thanks for bringing this to attention.


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