Friday, December 16, 2011

Living in a Nature Preserve

Okay, we don't really live in a nature preserve, but some days it feels like it. Yesterday was one of those days.

A couple of months ago Hubby set up a feeding station of sorts outside our bedroom window, complete with a water trough, salt lick, and bale of hay. We were hoping to see moose and elk since we've already seen plenty of deer, but still no luck. And for some reason no deer had visited the feeding station either, which was very disappointing.

Yesterday, however, was different. I was passing by the bedroom window and noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. Finally...a couple of deer approaching the water trough! One went to graze on the weeds nearby, but the other saw me in the window and stopped to stare.

After taking a quick drink, soon both were grazing in the weeds. So much for the hay; guess it's not their "brand".

Frisky Kitty, being the curious girl she is, couldn't resist getting a gander at the strange creatures outside the window:

Later in the afternoon, about 3:30 when it was dusk (yes, it gets dark really early here on the mountain), I was on the phone with my sister and glanced out in the back when I saw a flash of movement. Two deer streaked across our back yard, running as fast as they could from left to right. A moment later, they streaked back from right to left. I couldn't see a buck chasing them, so was a little confused.

So I stood and watched and before long realized that there were actually five deer on the back of our property...playing tag. I never realized that deer actually "played", but these five were having the time of their lives. They chased each other back and forth, hiding behind trees and then jumping out and giving chase, reminding me of a bunch of playful kittens. This went on for about ten minutes; it was like watching National Geographic. Sorry there's no video, it was getting too dark to get any pics, but it was truly a sight to see.

These deer are two does that gave birth this spring; one had twins and the other had a single fawn. Apparently they've banded together for the winter because we see them together a lot.

And yes, we finally have new snow. Thursday morning we woke up to about two new inches, frosting all the trees in that lovely way that always makes me smile.

Since the two-foot dump of snow we got right before Thanksgiving, we've had nothing more than rain from time to time. Most of the snow had eventually melted, except for some stubborn patches that had turned to ice. I was beginning to think that we wouldn't have a white Christmas, which would be very disappointing for this Southern girl.

But I'm starting to get my hopes up again...



  1. What a beautiful post and equally beautiful photos. Wow, a game of tag with 5 deer. I can't
    believe it either. And twins, I didn't know
    that deer could have twins. You live in an
    absolutely amazingly beautiful world.
    Merry Christmas

  2. The light snow on the trees is glorious! I love the photo of the one deer staring at you,so precious. You should set up a photo-op... Make a snowman and put a carrot for his nose. The deer will eat the carrot right off him. Where did you get the snow widget. I tried putting one on my blog and it froze my blog up-I had to get on my iPad to fix it, thank God I was already signed on to my blog on my iPad or I think I would have lost everything. It was more like a snow virus then snow snow. :)

  3. Pam, your pictures are lovely! I love that you can see your cat in the corner of your picture, makes for an interesting photo..

  4. How lucky you are to see deer "playing tag" from the house. I long for that. My hubby and I take rides in the truck on Saturday and Sunday mornings. A cup of coffee to go and we watch from afar. We love to see them. Blessings and have a wonderful Christmas Season ;-)

  5. Those pics are really cute!!! We get a few deer too at our place. Love the snow pic.
    I guess they were playing "reindeer games"!!!! lol
    Merry Christmas,

  6. What amazing photos...especially with the cat looking out! Enjoy your weekend, my friend! ♥

  7. What gorgeous photos Pam!!! That first one needs to be your Christmas cards for next year! (You do, do cards, don't you??) ;o) Ha! I can talk smart - I haven't written a single one this year! I enjoyed the trip to the nature preserve!!! Happy Weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. oh what neat pictures of the deer and to hear about them the kitty looking at them...hope you get a white christmas..I would love it for the one day.;)have a great weekend,;)

  9. Pam, 3:30 is WAY too early for it to get dark! Here in Ohio we are at the end of EST so it is almost 5:30 before it gets dark now.

    I didn't know that deer "play"! You learn something new everyday. We have deer that come into our back yard and our orange cat sits at the back door so tense just staring at them. We always have to laugh at him - he's a ferocious hunter & we always tell him the deer are terrified! ~Ann

  10. Hi Pam,
    Beautiful photos!! How fun to see the deer playing right outside your home. Reminds me of when I visited my best friend out in the foothills of Denver and saw elk in her yard just about every evening.
    I sort of wish that we would have a white Christmas here in Ohio.

  11. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! I love watching all the critters outside my window also.Looks like you live in a very beautiful area.
    Have a great day!
    Olde Crow Mercantile

  12. What Beautiful photos.
    We have a few deer that come in our back yard also. Beautiful creaturesthey are. Thanks for sharing.


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