Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Great Passion

When asked what about our favorite things, most of us can quickly rattle off a long list of things that bring us joy. Mine includes things like:
  • Spending time with my family
  • Antiquing
  • Chocolate
  • Kitties
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Quilting
But what about your true passion? What's the one thing that has been an enduring part of your life, something that you wouldn't want to live without? (Aside from our loved ones...those are a given!)

For me, that passion is books. I love books—collecting them, reading them, organizing them. (Okay, the last one is a little weird; I tend to be a little anal-retentive so I like to alphabetize. Books, CDs, DVDs, spices...but that's another blog post.)

Anyway, I have loved books and reading since I was a baby and my mother read my first book to me. I was hooked and couldn't wait until I could read all by myself. In nursery school, I remember my three-year-old self looking over at the kindergarteners learning to read and thinking: I want to do that.

Lucky for me I attended a progressive nursery school and they actually let me join the five-year-olds (they were probably tired of my begging and crying and just wanted some peace and quiet). For whatever reason, I was allowed to sit in the circle with the big kids and learned to read along with them, and a passion was born.

Fast forward forty-some years and I'm a middle-aged woman with a huge book collection. Paperbacks, signed first editions, reference books, fragile antique books...I love them all.

When the Kindle was introduced, I was in heaven. Finally—I could go on a week's vacation without having to bring an extra suitcase just for the books that I wanted to read. Seriously, if we were flying cross-country, I'd have three books in my carry-on just to tide me over until we landed. Now I only have to carry my Kindle and life is good.

Hubby has insisted for years that since I love reading so much, I should write a book. He has visions of me writing the next bestseller; I think he actually wants to be a househusband. Or maybe he just wants to go on book tours with me; standing in the background beaming as I sign books. Nah, he just wants to see those big old fat checks coming in the mail.

Unfortunately, I have no imagination. Zero, zip, nada. Writing a book is beyond me, but there is another way that I can stick a toe in the door of the publishing world: proofreading. And that's what I've been doing for the past couple of days; I've been reading and proofing a novel for an author. Thank goodness I paid attention in English class!

I've also signed up with a fantastic outfit called Blogging for Books. It's a wonderful opportunity for people like me who love to read...I pick out a new book that looks interesting from ones they have available and they send it to me, either as an ebook or sometimes as a real book. My job is to read the book and review it, here on my blog for you and also in a public forum like, in order to spread awareness about it. How fun is that?

I'm waiting for my first book to arrive; it's an Amish trilogy (I love those!) and has the word "quilts" in the title. What could be more perfect?



  1. I so look forward to your reviews Pam! How exciting!
    Happy New Year Friend!

  2. Oh, how fun! I think I'd like to do that too.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Happy New Year, Pam. I'm glad we got to meet.

  3. Sounds like fun!!
    Happy New Year, Pam!

  4. Pam, I LOVE books, too. I am looking forward to reading your reviews. May the New Year be a Happy and Blessed one for you!


  5. Reading is one of my passions too but I have stubbornly refused to even THINK about a Kindle! I love the touch, feel and smell of books so I'm holding out until they quit printing them! :P I think proofing/reviewing is a great way to enjoy your passion and get a little "pin money" too HA!

  6. I know I'm running way, way, behind - and I truly was only going to "read" posts I'd miss and comment on the most recent one - but this one gave me goosebumps. Wow...we are strange soul mates on a whole 'nother level! I too alphabetize and subcategorize everything (well, not my spices because DH does the majority of cooking and that whole cupboard is a hoarding zone I swear....I also have a book fetish...and I've toyed with the idea of writing - but, alas, am woefully deficient in the creativity department also. I also have always been a language and grammar freak - even at my last law firm, the other attorneys would have me proof their contracts, etc. and I've always thought that I should find a job as a proofreader, but didn't have a clue as to how to go about it. (I think the first thought came to me when reading Anne Rice's "The Witching Hour" and getting frustrated when she messed up her genealogy line....) So - if you ever find yourself with too many proofing assignments to handle, let me know!! Have fun proofing - and reading/reviewing!! This is going to be all kinds of fun!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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