Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Had the Best of Intentions...

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This week Amy at Amy's Creative Side challenged us to finish just one thing this week, then share it in a linky party to be eligible for a drawing for a great prize...fabric! Four pretty charm packs, just calling my name.

Since I tend to be a little of a procrastinator, I decided that this was just the kick in the pants I needed to get something...anything...finished. So here is my goal for the week:

This week I will finish my very first quilt top: 
Yellow Brick Road

You notice that I didn't say I'd finish the whole quilt, just the quilt top. Hey, I may be a procrastinator, but I'm also a realist. I already have the fabric cut out; notice the pretty prim colors?

Now I just need to stitch, and cut, and stitch some more, and I should have a quilt top ready for quilting and binding.

Edited to add:

I had this post all ready to go and then went downstairs to work on my quilt. Due to a completely boneheaded move on my part (I misread the pattern directions) I'm back to square one on my quilt since I stitched together my pieces, ironed them all pretty, then cut everything wrong. *sigh*

I'm still determined to finish this quilt top by next week; my first thought was that I would simply buy 12 new fat quarters and start over, setting aside what I already have done to puzzle out later when I have more experience.

We were going on a day trip to Cranbrook, BC anyway to do some banking (and pick up some Cheezies to restock Hubby's stash), so I had him drop me off at Fabricland to look for some fat quarters. And got a great big shock...first of all, they didn't stock fat quarters. Really??? You sell fabric, have a whole quilting section, but you don't sell fat quarters? I was stunned.

Then I took a look at the prices of the fabrics on the bolt and got another big my local quilt shop here in Idaho, prices tend to start about $10.99 a yard for quality fabrics like Moda and go up from there. Prices at this Canadian big box fabric store started at about $11.00 a meter for gingham and low-quality prints and went up into the $20.00+ range. And they weren't even high quality fabrics! Needless to say, I didn't buy any fabric there.

Sure, they had a "club" membership you could buy for $20 a year and you would get half-price on selected fabrics, but still! I can't imagine how anyone can afford to quilt in an area where prices are so high. How do you Canadian girls do it? I would seriously love to know...

I had three hours in the car on the way back home, and spent some time noodling what to do with the mis-cut fabric that I already had. By the time we got home, I had a plan. Lucky for me, the lap size quilt that I'm making from the Yellow Brick Road pattern has several quilt blocks left over, which means that I can re-cut some of what I'd done wrong and still be able to finish the quilt...I just won't have any leftover blocks. Eureka!

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Lessons of the Day: 

1. Read the directions three times, measure twice, cut once. Duh.
2. Buy your fabric in the U.S.



  1. I knew you would have a plan! And I know you'll put together something beautiful with what you've cut! I've been busy ripping up a quilt! haha! Enjoy your day, my friend! ♥

  2. Oh, my that is really high for fabric. Ouch, I'm glad I don't have prices like that here in New England. The quilt is going to be pretty, I'm sure. Too bad you had to do it all over.

  3. All of us that never throw anything away find something to do with the mistakes..I even use them for pockets on tote bags :)
    Keep us updated on your progress. I did get a lot done this week and now even though I am wore out....I couldn't fall asleep and that is why I am on the computer at almost 4 A M..Maybe I should just stay up for another hour and have morning coffee with Billy :)

  4. Oh no....poor you. Those are the kinds of things that keep me up nights. So glad there was enough fabric for a Plan B. Love the fabrics!! Can't wait to see!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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