Friday, January 20, 2012

New Blogger Comment Feature

Have you noticed anything different in the last week or so with the comment format on your blogs, or on blogs you've been reading? It's a new feature that Blogger has implemented called "threaded comments". 

In the past, one of the most common complaints from Blogger users is the way that comments were handled on your blog...they were formatted as a simple list. There was no way to differentiate comments from you, the blog author, and from the comments from your readers.

And if you wanted to reply to a particular comment, you had to either leave a general comment on your blog post, or have "moderated comments" turned on so that you could receive an email to approve the comment, which you could then use to reply to the comment directly to the reader.

The team at Blogger went to work on the problem and came up with a new "threaded comments" feature. Now when you want to reply to a particular comment on your blog, there will be a "Reply" link below each comment that you can use to leave your reply.

The cool thing is that your readers can also reply to each other's comments, giving them a chance to have an actual conversation within your post's comments, much like you would on an online forum.

Here are the comments from my last blog post. Notice how my reply is indented underneath Susan's comment? That's because I clicked on "Reply" beneath her comment and used that link to post my response to her comment. And the little circle with a pen icon next to my username indicated that I'm the blog's author.

If you'd like to read a little more about this new feature, you can check out this post on the Blogger Buzz.

And if you'd like to take advantage of this new feature, here are instructions from Google Support for enabling threaded commenting on your Blogger blog:
If you have commenting enabled on your blog, then threaded commenting will work provided you have your blog feed set to "Full," and have chosen the “Embedded" option as opposed to “Full page” or “Popup window.” To change your commenting settings, just go to the Comments section under Settings | Posts and comments. The setting to change your blog feed can be found under Settings | Other.
You can read more from Google about this new feature here.

Lucky for me, my blog feed was already set to "Full" with the "Embedded" option, so the change appeared automatically for me.

One problem I have with this new system is that unless your commenter selects "Subscribe to this thread" when they leave their comment, they won't know about your response. On the flip side, commenters coming in later will be able to read your response, which is nice.

So, what do you think about the change? Do you think it's better?



  1. Wow, Pam. I didn't even notice. Duhhh! I'm out of it lately. That's a great feature. I like it so much. Thanks for replying to me!

  2. I like this feature going to see about changing mine now)

  3. Thats really sure are on top of all this. I would never have known!

  4. This is neat! thanks for sharing it Pam.



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