Friday, February 10, 2012

A Day Without the Internet...

My plans to start the giveaway today for my copy of "Sisters of the Quilt" went awry when I woke up this morning and discovered that my Internet service was down...again. Welcome to living in the wilds!

I'm posting this quick message to you tonight from my trusty iPhone, and hope that its data service will be good enough to get this message out.

Honestly, I'm sitting here laughing because the phone's sound effects while I'm pecking away on this minuscule screen sound like I'm sending out a message in Morse code, which seems oddly appropriate at the moment.

Rest assured that I will be up and running again as soon as Verizon gets its act together...and the giveaway will begin.


Sent via my iPhone


  1. I'm giggling...because just the other day I thought to myself.."Self..why do you have a smart phone anyway. It's not like you can SEE the screen!" No internet is not fun!

  2. My computer has been acting up and I keep my fingers crossed every day. I have Verizon air card and get kicked off at least 6 times a day and they tell me it is because of where I live. Olanning to fix that soon..move to where I can get a connection plus solve other problems with living here.


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