Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Living With Snow

You remember the joke that traveled via email several years ago...Diary of A Snow Shoveler. It was about a fellow who moved up north and was all excited about the snow...how lovely it was. Within a few weeks he went stark raving mad and was ready to murder the snowplow driver who kept plowing snow into his freshly shoveled driveway. If you don't remember it, click here to read the whole thing, but be prepared for some salty language.

Everyone thought we would be the same way...moving from central North Carolina where the average annual snowfall is 6" to northern Idaho where the average is measured in feet: usually over six or seven feet per year. So far this winter we've had about seven feet, but rather than getting it in drips and drabs we've had three major snow events and not a lot else in between.

Do we hate snow yet? Actually, no...at least I don't. I have the luxury of sitting inside where it's nice and warm, cradling a hot cup of coffee, while Hubby is outside either shoveling or snowplowing. It's starting to wear a little on him, but he's not complaining. If he still had to go to work every day, though, that would be different. But for now he still thinks it's fun to fire up the quad with the snow blade attached and buzz around for a couple of hours.

Here's where he was yesterday, shoveling the foot of snow off our deck that fell right after the kids left last week. At least he's wearing his back brace; I've nagged him enough about it that he remembers now.

One thing the snow is good for is letting us know about little visitors we've had. When the kids were here and we were starting out on our hike, there were lots of tracks in front of our porch that let us know that we have rabbits living nearby. That was news to us...we hadn't seen any rabbits yet.

Yesterday when Hubby was shoveling, he noticed tracks on the back of our property leading up to the patio underneath our deck. Out of curiosity, he came into the house to go downstairs and peek out onto the patio to get a closer look. Here's what he saw:

He called me downstairs to look, because this is the first time we've seen tracks like these:

We thought it was a coyote's tracks, but my sharp-eyed friends have informed me that it was probably a raccoon foraging for food. Cheeky bugger. We've never seen any raccoons here yet so now we'll have to keep our eyes open for them.

When the kids were here and it snowed all week, we thought that maybe that would be it for us for snow for the rest of the winter. Then it snowed another foot, and we've had a couple of gorgeous sunny (but cold) days. Now they're calling for another several inches of snow over the next few days, starting tonight.

Hubby's actually happy about it...he's hoping that the old adage is true about March roaring in like a lion and going out like a lamb. Guess we'll find out!



  1. Well Pam, so far you have more snow that we do here in SE Idaho. It's all in the mountains around us which is fine as I don't like driving on bad roads. You know, the older the "boys" get the bigger the toys! Same with mine.
    We have "resident" rabbits that live in our scrap wood pile and enjoy watching them come and go. Sunday there were two so you know what that means!
    Have a great evening~

  2. Pam, I'm missing the snow this year. We've had a couple of dustings and that's it. Where is the snow - we usually get a couple of feet. Glad you shared so I could live vicariously through you! ~Ann

  3. Those are raccoon tracks. :) They can be very brave! And cute.

    You can keep your snow! I'm not int he mood anymore! I'm ready for spring!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Cute pics of the tracks! I think they are raccoon too! I hope we don't get any more snow as I have silly daffodils already 6-8" tall with buds...way too soon!!
    Wendy from MO

  5. Thanks for the heads-up, Carmen and Wendy. We looked at lots of pics on the web of tracks trying to be sure what they were before I posted, but very few of those were in snow so it was hard to tell. At the time it looked like four pads on each foot, but now that I look closer I can see that it's actually five. And we had no idea we even had any raccoons here. Good call!

  6. we had snow flurries on sunday and snow again last night..but nothing where I live..but about 20 minutes away there is alot of snow..love the quad...I would have fun shoveling snow with that neat toy,.;) hope all is well;)

  7. This looks like the scene at my house! My hubby is tired of messing with the snow. I don't hate the snow either, just done now and want the sun1

  8. bbbrrr! I like looking at snow, but don't want to be in it ;o

  9. I loved the "snow shoveler's" story, thanks for the link...even read some of it to the hubby when he called home a second ago.I haven't laughed that hard since J (13) slipped in front of my truck while scraping my windows a month ago (bad mom, I know)! That's a story for another day.



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