Sunday, March 18, 2012

What I've Been Up To

When I started a separate blog for quilting earlier in the year, I reserved the right to come back and share with you my completed projects. The work-in-progress details were all agonized over on my other blog, so you can relax now.

Remember the quilt kit for the cupcakes runner that my son and his girlfriend gave me for Christmas? It was the very first project that I started but unfortunately was not the first one to be finished. I finally completed it a week or so ago, and learned a lot along the way:

I also made my very first pillow, using modern fabrics provided by Art Gallery Fabrics:

After taking a paper-piecing class, I attempted my first paper-pieced mini quilt:

Now I'm participating in a quilt-and-stitch-along sponsored by my new friends at Clover and Violet. I've had to dig out the DMC floss that I tucked away after my last cross-stitching project was finished over twenty-five years ago. Luckily it's still bright and appears strong, so I'm set for the stitching portion of the project. I've been constructing the Courthouse Steps blocks for the quilt, using these bright fabrics that I scored on sale at Jo-Ann's:

Between the quilting projects and my proofreading sideline, I'm keeping very busy. Plus I have two trips coming up that I'm excited about: celebrating a wedding with Hubby's family in Alberta, and going back to North Carolina to celebrate birthdays with my family. It's going to be hectic for me for the next month or so; after that we'll have to see what turns up!



  1. Look at you Miss Quilter! You did a wonderful job on it all!

  2. You are making some beautiful things! looks like you are coming a long quite nicely with the quilting.



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